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We bring you the breaking news AS it happens, directly to your email, phone, or pager. Fires, police pursuits, EMS scenes, rescues, shootings, traffic, weather, and all other news alerts are instantly delivered to your preferred device. You receive the information well before it reaches the media.

Our Accuracy

MNS of NY has the most accurate reporting record of the industry. We take great pride in sending you the news more precisely and efficiently than the rest. Many high ranking emergency officials, federal agencies, law enforcement officers, and media companies rely on our professional service.

Our Coverage

Our news desk is manned by a dedicated 24/7 team of dispatchers with decades of experience. Notifications are delivered instantly and can be customized to geographical preference, event type, and more.


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"Most reliable, most accurate, most timely. MNS alerts are a cut above the rest and I would recommend them to anyone seeking the real breaking news with instant notifications. Impeccable speed and accuracy." - NYPD Capt. J. Selleck

About Us

MNSNY was founded in the early 1990's by Morris J. Torf, an honorary FDNY Fire Chief and sheriff in update New York. MNS quickly took off, and in a short time outranked its competitors in both speed and accuracy.

Sadly, Mr. Torf passed away in 2008, but his spirit lives on with us every single day. Our company is still run by the original group of professionals, law enforcement members, medical specialists, and retired military veterans. Over the years, we've added a number of new recruits to keep up with the surging demand. Additionally, we selectively train a diverse group of all-volunteer dispatchers to concisely relay any sensitive material broadcasted on the frequencies.